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I Found Nipple Covers That *Actually* Work For Big Boobs

A win for big busts everywhere.

Writer Bella Gerard tries the VEMAUGER nipple covers that are $11 on Amazon.
Courtesy of Bella Gerard

As Bustle’s Unofficial Boob Editor (a title I absolutely gave myself), I’m an expert on the joys, hacks, and unfortunate realities (read: underboob sweat) involved in being the proud owner of 34G breasts. But in truth, I spent a long time wondering if effective nipple covers even existed for anyone over a size C cup.

For years now, I’ve identified as anti-nipple cover, standing resolutely on Team Boob Tape. A few too many bad experiences with flimsy, ineffective nipple covers had me ready to swear off the product for good. In lieu of a cover that actually works, I resorted to rolls (and rolls and rolls) of boob tape to lift the girls and prevent my nips from making any unwanted appearances.

But truthfully, I’m tired of taping my tits. Can’t a girl get ready without having to devote 20+ minutes to boob control? With this in mind, I set out in search of nipple covers that actually work for big boobs. Fortunately, as the headline implies, I found a pair worth screaming about: the VEMAUGER Reusable Breast Lift Nipple Pasties — and like all good things, they’re available on Amazon.

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Fast Facts

  • Price: $10.99 or $15.99 (depending on the size you want)
  • Best for: coverage and uplift
  • Your rating: 4.5 stars
  • Brand: VEMAUGER
  • What I like: the size options and heavy-duty sticking power
  • What I don’t like: the limited color range

How Do Nipple Covers Work?

As a baseline, nipple covers should lay discretely on top of the breast to cover your areola and nipple so they don’t show through your top. The good ones are undetectable, comfortable, and sometimes have added benefits, like lift. Failed nipple covers, however, slide off on a sweaty summer day and can be even more noticeable than your nips.

Sure, visible nipples can give off that sexy, Rachel Green vibe, but in certain situations, it can feel hella inappropriate. (Occasions include, but are not limited to: meeting my boyfriend’s parents, dinner at my grandma’s house, an extra-long meeting in the coldest conference room at the office, etc.)

My Problem

In the past, every pair of nipple covers I tried did me dirty. You know what’s more noticeable than a natural nipple? A small silicone disk shining through your white crop top like a spotlight. Though they’re meant to mask, I found most nipple covers draw even more attention to my bust as a result of their size and bulk.

For the most part though, my issue is lack of support. Smaller cups might be able to go braless, with nothing more than a flimsy nipple cover, but my G cups can’t face the world on their own. Big-boobed baddies know, you need lift, stability, and a whole lot of support. Only a high-quality product, specifically designed with big boobs in mind, can properly handle my girls — and stick-ons never fit the bill.

The Product: VEMAUGER Reusable Breast Lift Nipple Pasties

This VEMAUGER two-pack is made with skin-safe silicone and includes two different shape options: a classic circular design and a scalloped pair. You can also order in two different sizes — smaller chests should consider the 2.7-inch option, but anyone DD and above should probably opt for the 4.1-inch size, as I did. And if you have some sort of nipple emergency and need them in a hurry, you can cash in on that sweet, sweet one-day Prime shipping.

Testing Out The Nipple Covers

I put these nipple covers through a thorough trial-and-error process: two weeks of cleavage-baring outfits with these babies underneath. I wore them on multiple sweaty nights out, underneath the flimsiest of crop tops, to test their sweat resistance and staying-power. I even wore them underneath a thin swimsuit (for photos, not actual swimming) to conceal my nipples. Spoiler alert: They worked like a charm.

When it was time to take them off, I rinsed off the dead skin and sweat (gross but true) with warm water, then put on the plastic backing to protect them from collecting dust.

The Results

Even after multiple uses, these pasties retain their sticky quality, looking good as new for their next wear. They’re undetectable underneath even the thinnest of crop tops, completely masking my nipples. The flower-like shape allows for a truly seamless application, laying perfectly flat against my body.

Most importantly for me, these babies don’t just cover, they lift. The large, adhesive tabs allow you to attach them higher up on your chest, for a more perky look, which is what really makes the VEMAUGER set worthwhile. My boobs are heavy, but due to the 4.1-inch surface area, these pasties have the strength to elevate them noticeably.

With the VEMAUGER Nipple Pasties

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

Without the VEMAUGER Nipple Pasties

Courtesy of Bella Gerard


Given that I'd often be wearing these covers for long stretches of time, I was hyper aware of any nipple sensitivity. My skin has never reacted negatively to a product before, but the feeling of peeling off boob tape is, bottom line, quite painful. The same isn't true for nipple covers, namely this pair. I experienced no sensitivity while wearing or removing them, and they peel off with ease. This is probably because they're made with 100% hypoallergenic silicone, a nontoxic material that's skin-safe. That being said, if you’re allergic to silicone, these may not be the nipple covers for you.

Final Verdict

My trusty boob tape has sat unused in my Ikea desk since I clicked “Add to Cart” on these pasties. I no longer have to spend precious getting-ready time taping up my tits, shaving literal hours off of my weekly routine. In mere seconds, the iconic duo lifts my chest flawlessly and I haven’t found a top under which they can be seen. TL;DR: they get the Unofficial Boob Editor Seal of Approval™.

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