The 8 Biggest Winter 2023 Haircut Trends To Know

From ’70s shags to sculptural afros.

All the biggest winter 2023 haircut trends to know.
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Wintertime ushers in all kinds of goodies: holiday parties, steaming cups of hot chocolate, chunky boots, and, perhaps, a new haircut. You could switch up your look as the temperatures drop with a cooler-toned hair color, or you could opt for a little chop (or both, if you’re feeling extra bold). When you take a peek at the biggest winter 2023 haircut trends, you’ll see that you’ve got some pretty chic options to choose from.

To help you navigate this season’s hottest hair lewks, Bustle spoke with celebrity hairstylists for intel on the cuts you’re about to see all over your social media feeds and it-girls’ heads once the puffer coats come out. Their predictions? Expect lots of front fringe, ’70s-style shag haircuts aren’t going anywhere, bob haircuts still (and forever) have our hearts, and the afro just got edgier. And if you’re not looking to cut your hair short, don’t worry — there are options for long-haired girlies.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a dramatic change or simply want to add some inspo to your Pinterest board, keep scrolling to discover eight winter 2023 haircut trends that just might motivate you to book a salon appointment.

1. Baby Bangs

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Dove hair partner and celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins, the mastermind behind Olivia Rodrigo’s perpetually nostalgic updos, expects micro bangs to be everywhere all winter long. “So many girls are wanting a major change without losing all their length,” he says. The answer? Super short baby bangs.

2. “Box” Bobs

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Bob haircuts are forever classics, and one version that celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook Jones is all about is the “box bob.” Think a short floating bob of sorts that barely clears the nape of the neck. “It elongates the neck and is pretty low maintenance while having a big cool factor playoff,” she says. Atlanta-based hairstylist Keka Heron agrees, noting that the blunt bob will reign this winter. It suits most people and hair types, after all, says Heron. Plus, she adds, “It looks great under a winter hat.”

Pro tip: To achieve that razor-sharp bluntness, Brook Jones suggests cutting with clippers. “It gives the ends a bold statement and the strong line that is the signature of this look.”

3. Pixie Cuts

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Another fave you’re about to see more of is the always adorable pixie haircut, according to Heron. “The pixie has definitely been a hot look for the past few years,” she says. For a revamp on the classic, she says consider growing out the front fringe and adding some color (or even extensions).

4. Sculptural Afros

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For coily or curly hair types, Hawkins says winter 2023 will usher in the age of the asymmetrical afro. “For so long, people thought Afro-textured hair had to be shaped or round.” Now, he says, people are experimenting more with square or asymmetrical shapes. “It’s playful, edgy, and a perfect winter look,” Hawkins tells Bustle.

5. Front Fringe

Whether opting for hard-to-miss full bangs or soft, blendable curtain bangs, celebrity hairstylist Ashley Streicher says expect to see plenty of front fringe this winter. “Front pieces are a total in,” she says. Heron agrees. “Fringe textured bangs are a great winter look,” she says. The more textured, the better.

6. ’70s Shag Cuts

“The ’70s will be back in a major way this winter, so unleash your inner Farrah with a long shag,” says Hawkins, who’s seeing super heavy bangs and lots of layers. Plus, these cuts look amazing on all hair textures, he notes. Streicher is also expecting lots of shag cuts and layers, from the “more soft, tamed wolf cut” and beyond.

Pro tip: “If your hair is wavy or curly, diffuse it for maximum volume. And if it’s straight, try hot rollers for tons of movement and lift,” Hawkins says.

7. More Bobs

Celebrity and editorial hairstylist Cheryl Bergamy predicts that bob haircuts of all types will be everywhere through the winter months. Looks for everything from super short bobs that hang out up around the ears (“which in the ’80s was called a ‘Buster Brown haircut,’” after the comic strip character), to chic chin-length versions and longer lobs. Bergamy says if you find the right one for your face shape and style, bobs work for just about everyone. Taper the back, add bangs, or opt for choppy layers — the choice is yours.

8. Curve Cut

If you’re looking for a less dramatic way refresh longer hair, then Brook says to consider the classic curve cut. “I love this cut because it maintains length on long and medium hair while giving fullness to the ends and the illusion of shorter hair from the front depending on how arched the curve is,” she tells Bustle. It’s the perfect way to flatter a narrower face or chin, she says, and on curly or wavy hair, it creates just the right amount of fullness and bounce.