This Zigzag Styling Trick Gives You Perfect Bangs Every Time

Works like a charm.

Life goes one of two ways after you get bangs. Either you love them instantly and become a bang girly for life, or you quickly realize they aren’t for you. On the plus side, whether you’re a fan of fringe or feel like you’re constantly battling it, this TikTok-viral hair trick will give you perfect bangs every time — and the results can last for days.

Creator @janeclayton2 — aka Jane Clayton, a hairstylist based in Utah — posted a video to share what she’s dubbed the zigzag bang trick. Essentially, the zigzag works to camouflage your part line so that your bangs don’t split in the middle later on in the day. This is perfect if you’re constantly pushing your bangs back together, or if you want that blunt, straight-across look.

The hack has clearly struck a chord with the fringed folks of the world: Since it was posted on April 29, the video has racked up nearly 7 million views and over 800,000 likes. The comments section of the post has quickly become a place for people to gather to discuss the trials and tribulations of life with bangs, as well as how perfect this trick seems to be. One person wrote, “The zigzag so they don’t split... I’m floored, enlightened, trumpets are playing, ur a genius” while another said, “I might’ve kept my bangs if I knew this before lol.”

While Clayton demonstrates it on her thick, bottleneck bangs, the zigzag technique should work for anyone who wants perfectly-styled fringe. Ahead, your complete guide to nailing the bang styling trick.

How To Do The Zigzag Bang Trick

To style your bangs like Clayton’s, you’ll need dry hair, a flat iron, and a comb. Comb your bangs so that they lay flat against your forehead. Then, starting at the root of your bangs, use the comb to create a zigzag part as you move towards your forehead.

Once you’ve zigged and zagged, comb your bangs until they stick up like a mohawk. Use your fingers to section off one side of your bangs, then grab the flat iron to curl them towards the opposite side of your forehead. (Watch the video for the exact technique.) When you repeat this trick on both sides, it creates a nice swoop with the outer corners of your bangs and it also helps them to lie down flat.

When you’re done, let your bangs cool and scrunch them up in the middle. Play around with them so that they work for your face, and voila: You’ll have perfectly styled bangs that stay put. In her video, Clayton said she’s extremely low-maintenance — so presumably she doesn’t want to do her hair very often — but notes that this trick keeps her bangs in place for days. Doing God’s work.