The 9 Best Bailey Brown Pilates Workouts On YouTube

All are 25 minutes and under.

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If you’re looking to isolate the muscles in your booty, stretch your legs, zero in on your core — and maybe have a moment of gratitude, as well — look no further than Bailey Brown’s Pilates workouts.

Brown is a popular fitness instructor based in Sydney, Australia, where she creates Pilates workouts that focus on what she calls the mind-muscle connection. As you follow her routines, she encourages you to squeeze your muscles so that they’re engaged as a way to make the most of each move.

Brown regularly shares Pilates workouts, wellness videos, and 28-day Pilates challenges with her 8000,000+ subscribers on her YouTube channel, as well as with her ever-growing TikTok following. (Chances are her aesthetic earth-tone videos have popped up on your FitTok feed.)

If you’re looking for more, Brown also has a Pilates app called Align that’s full of Pilates-based workouts, nutrition info, and self-care tips so you can feel more, well, aligned. But her YouTube is a great one-stop shop as well, especially if you’re looking for quick core workouts, arm routines, and lower body exercises.

Brown is great at keeping her workouts short, and even better at explaining how to do all the exercises correctly so that they pack a punch. Keep scrolling below for Brown’s best Pilates workouts on YouTube to get started.


5-Minute Booty Workout

This short and sweet video is perfect when you want a quick booty workout. You can do it without any equipment, or opt to use a resistance band and ankle weights if you want a little more oomph. The routine starts with a child’s pose/leg pulse combo before moving onto leg circles, fire hydrants, and rainbows to target all the tiny muscles of your bum. It only lasts a few minutes, but it definitely brings the burn.


10-Minute Glutes & Thighs

This mat workout zeroes in on your buns and thighs in just 10 minutes. Brown jumps right into the routine with clamshells to target the outer thighs, then adds sets of leg pulses, leg circles, and glute bridges. Use a light booty band and one-pound ankle weights — or not. Either way, you’ll get a great workout.


10-Minute Low-Impact Cardio

Get your cardio fix with this mini workout that begins with stretches and shoulder rolls that flow seamlessly into the non-stop heart-pumping portion of the routine. You’ll do tiny squats, side-to-side marches, and punch combos to get your heart rate up. It’s sweaty and energizing, but still low-impact. To take it up a notch, add one-pound hand weights.


10-Minute Ab & Arm Workout

Click this video if you’re in the mood to work your arms and abs. It’s packed with slow, intentional sequences that light up your muscles, like planks, toe taps, leg reaches, and arm pulses. Brown incorporates breathing techniques to up the mind-muscle connection, as well as a meditative movement at the end.


10-Minute Leg Workout

Even if you aren’t on the beach like Brown, you can still have fun doing this 10-minute leg workout. She starts with a warm-up that focuses on stretching and lengthening your limbs, and then moves onto muscle-shaking moves like leg lifts and rainbows. Brown takes the time to explain how to do each exercise so that you isolate all the right muscles, and also adds in lots of encouraging words that’ll keep you pulsing.


10-Minute At-Home Reformer-Style Session

For this Pilates-style sesh, Brown explains how to mimic the types of exercises you’d do on a Pilates reformer, like leg slides. All you need is a pair of socks or a towel so that your feet will easily glide across the floor. To make the most of each move, remember to push your limbs out then resist as you bring them back in — and it’ll feel like you’re actually on a machine.


15-Minute Ankle Weight Workout

This routine is so very Pilates thanks to the tiny pulses and mini movements that work your littlest muscles. Brown breaks it down into circuits with three moves each — like sumo squats and curtsy lunges — to work your larger lower body muscles. She then combines them with pulses for a burn-out round that gets your heart rate right up.


20-Minute Legs & Butt

This mat video starts off with a juicy downward dog, where you can take a second to connect with your breath, before diving into a lower body workout. The goal is to make each move as intentional as possible by really squeezing your muscles as you go. Brown keeps it moving the entire time, so you’ll make the most of the 20 minutes.


25-Minute Lower Abs

Got 25 minutes? Try this fiery lower ab workout. In it, Brown walks you through exercises that hit the notoriously hard-to-reach muscles of your core, like curl-ups and toe taps/ You’ll do standing exercises as well as plenty of mat work, before finishing with a flowy stretch routine to cool down.

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