12 Cute Winter Date Ideas, Straight From Relationship Experts

Even if it's cold outside, these activities are sure to warm your heart.

Cute winter date ideas to try with your boo.
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It’s that time of year: There’s a chill in the air, maybe some snow on the ground, and tons of singles have officially partnered up for warmth. Whether you and your boo have been going steady for a while or you only recently picked the winner of your cuffing season roster to cozy up with for the winter, it’s easy to skimp on the usual date night activities in order to escape the cold. Sure, hibernating with your S.O. is nice and all, but scrolling through TikTok as you Netflix and chill can put a damper on the romance after one-too-many nights in.

Even if you’re afraid to venture out in the frigid temps, experts say that the winter season offers some special ways to connect with your significant other — so you might want to bundle up. “Sometimes the winter blues creep in and it makes us feel less motivated to date, but there can be something romantic about dating during the wintertime,” says professional matchmaker and dating coach Thalia Ouimet. Her best tip? Think of your favorite holiday rom-com for inspo — complete with hot chocolate and a fireplace — that’ll get your dating mood revved up.

Keep scrolling for 12 expert-approved cute winter date ideas that’ll allow you and your beau to make the most out of the season.


Take A Cooking Class

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If you want to heat things up in a more literal sense, try booking a cooking class together. “You'll learn how to communicate better and collaborate — plus, you’ll have no dishes to clean afterwards,” says Damona Hoffman, certified dating coach and host of The Dates and Mates Podcast.


Hit Up A Jazz Club

If you and your partner are into live music, a cozy local venue can be an ideal way to escape the cold and enjoy a simple but intimate date night. “Music is always a fun and easy date night activity that doesn't require too much planning ahead,” Ouimet tells Bustle. “I recommend a romantic old-school jazz club where you and your crush can have a nice glass of wine together and listen to live music.” Bonus points for finding one that has a fireplace inside.


Build A Snowman

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You can’t go wrong with a classic outdoor winter activity. Flex your artistic skills and practice teamwork with your S.O. by building a snowman for a silly and nostalgic date. Pro tip: Warm up inside afterward with a hot toddy and a snuggle sesh under the blankets.


Catch Some Light Displays

Even if the holidays are behind you, there are bound to still be some lingering light displays you can catch around town. Take a stroll or a drive around your area and reminisce about the fun celebrations you shared during the season. “See if your local botanical garden or zoo does a light display for the holidays,” Hoffman suggests.


Try A Holiday Pop-Up Bar

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Holiday pop-up bars and restaurants have become super trendy over the years, so take advantage of their popularity and find a funky cocktail spot to try together. “Nothing beats a naughty espresso martini with your new crush,” says Ouimet. Plus, their Instagram-worthy decor might be a great excuse for a soft (or hard) launch.


Have An Indoor Picnic

If it’s way too chilly to hang al fresco, Hoffman recommends setting up a sweet picnic for yourselves indoors as a simple but creative winter date idea. “It’s romantic when it's outdoors, but becomes novel and cute when moved indoors,” she tells Bustle. “Spread a cozy blanket, bring a picnic basket, and maybe play a game of ‘never have I ever’ by the fire.”


Go Sledding

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Whether you grew up in the snow or are finally experiencing it as an adult, spending a day doing a childhood winter pastime can bring out the fun in anyone. “Doing an activity that sparks a sense of nostalgia is bonding for couples and can inspire a deep sense of connection,” says Hoffman.


Make New Year’s Resolutions

Put a twist on the usual yearly list by collaborating with your honey on a New Year’s resolution list for your relationship. Do you want to travel to a certain place this year? Or perhaps you want to move in together? Write it all out and make it happen as a couple.


Enjoy A Wine Tasting

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Ouimet suggests skipping town for a few days with your boo for a road trip that features a wine tasting in a different town. “There's something cozy and intimate about getting a cabin for the weekend with your crush,” she says. If you can’t make it out of town, she recommends snagging a wine tasting kit for a romantic evening at home.


Go Ice Skating

Winter offers plenty of opportunities to switch up the traditional date settings and try something different together. “A nice dinner is a great date night, but activities also show you more about someone and how you two can interact as a team,” says Ouimet. Even if your S.O. has to pick you up off the ice the whole time, you’re still making memories together.


Watch A Holiday Rom-Com

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Regardless of whether you hit up the theater or take that experience to the living room, Ouimet says to make some popcorn, fire up the hot cocoa, and cuddle up to a holiday or winter-themed movie night together. “Movies are also a great date night idea because it allows you to share your reviews after the movie, which can allow you to see if you have the same taste in movies or a similar sense of humor,” she says.


Throw A Winter Donation Drive Party

Gather your favorite fellow couples together and do some good. Have everyone bring a non-perishable food item and any winter clothing they don’t need, and then you and your boo can put together one big donation to give to a local shelter or crisis center. Enjoy drinks and winter games with your friends and make a difference at the same time.


Thalia Ouimet, professional matchmaker and dating coach

Damona Hoffman, certified dating coach and host of The Dates and Mates Podcast