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18 Hinge Prompt Answers To Try If You’re Looking For Something Casual

“Go with witty and sarcastic but also the truth,” says a relationship expert.

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Bustle suggests the best hinge prompt answers to questions like, "Dating me is like..."
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As the New Year unfolds and the fruits of cuffing season are ready to harvest, your social media is bound to be full of happy new couples. But some people don’t dream of that partnered life. If you’d rather stub your toe than swap chocolates and flowers on Valentine’s Day, you might prefer a casual fling or hookup to keep you warm.

While most dating apps are publicized as tools for, well, dating, they can also be useful if you aren’t looking for a long-term commitment. On Hinge, for example, many of the profile prompts can be used to suggest just that. If you want something casual, utilize wit and sarcasm for funny Hinge answers, says Jennifer Hurvitz, a relationship expert, dating coach, and host of the Doing Relationships Right podcast. “Be funny, confident, and honest all at the same time,” she says. “You will avoid hurting feelings if you’re clear about your intentions.”

Drumming up catchy responses can be tough if you’re not trying to get boo’d up, so focus on creativity and originality. Need some inspiration? Read on for 18 Hinge prompt answers to use as templates for landing a casual relationship.

“My Most Irrational Fear...”

-Getting sucked into a black hole. I’ve watched too many space movies.

-Leaving my straightener on while I’m at work… even though it literally has an automatic-shutoff feature.

-Someone asking me to meet their parents on a first date.

Expert Tip: Keeping things light suggests you aren’t looking for anything serious, Hurvitz says.

“We’ll Get Along If...”

-You touch my butt and call me pretty.

-You secretly let me win at Mario Kart.

-You are terrified of commitment, cherish your alone time, and believe only your dog belongs in your bed.

Expert Tip: “Go with witty and sarcastic but also the truth,” Hurvitz says. “You want to keep it casual.”

“The Way To Win Me Over Is...”

-Pad thai.

-To make me laugh at inappropriate times.

-By not pressuring me to jump into something serious.

Expert Tip: Hurvitz says that keeping your intentions clear will avoid hurt feelings.

“Dating Me Is Like...”

-Getting a sugar cookie instead of chocolate chip. It’s not exactly what you wanted, but it’s good enough to satisfy.

-Sparklers on New Year’s Eve. They may not last very long, but boy are they fun while they do.

-Having a best friend with benefits.

Expert Tip: Hurvitz suggests using humor to be clear about what you want.

“I Go Crazy For...”

-A good kisser.

-Someone who respects that I’m a free spirit.

-Honestly? Buffalo chicken dip.

Expert Tip: Try to keep it playful, Hurvitz says, but avoid implying that you “juggle dates like a circus clown.”

“Together, We Could...”

-Steal the Declaration of Independence.

-Netflix and chill, if that’s still a thing?

-Make out and then never talk again.

Expert Tip: Up the comic ante by writing answers that don’t need explanations, Hurvitz says.


Jennifer Hurvitz, a relationship expert, dating coach, and host of the Doing Relationships Right podcast

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