28 Hinge Prompt Answers To Try If You Want A Serious Relationship

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Hinge prompt answer ideas to try if you want a serious relationship.
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While it might seem like an insurmountable task between hookup culture and situationships, finding a serious relationship on a dating app is totally possible. The key to doing so? Patience. (Sorry.) “Don't expect to find your soulmate after swiping right a few times,” Amie Leadingham, a master-certified dating coach, previously told Bustle. “Finding someone who shares your values and is looking for the same thing as you takes time.”

To narrow down who fits the bill, it helps to spend time really analyzing the profiles you swipe through. On top of that, the info you include in your profile is definitely important. Luckily, apps like Hinge offer plenty of opportunities to express yourself, your personality, and what you’re looking for when dating. Choosing Hinge prompt answers that indicate you want a serious relationship might boost your chances of finding the LTR you want in 2023.

If you want to sort out those who don’t have the same intentions you do, dating coach and relationship expert Jennifer Hurvitz says to be direct. “Use your words. Ask for what you’re looking for — put it out there and be vulnerable. What do you have to lose?” she tells Bustle. “If someone swipes left on you for saying you want an LTR, they are not your person.” Plus, as she points out, nothing is sexier than a person that knows what they want.

Use the wide array of Hinge prompts to your advantage — here are 28 prompt response ideas that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

“All I Ask Is That You...”

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- Respect my time and boundaries — I will always try to do the same.

- Are honest about your intentions.

- Value communication and empathy as much as I do.

- Be the big spoon at night and promise not to leave dirty laundry on the floor :)

Expert Tip: “You can give a pro and a con here and be cute while doing so,” says Hurvitz. “Share something you love about a future partner as well as a pet peeve.”

“Green Flags I Look For...”

- Treating *everyone with kindness, especially family or people performing a service for you.

- Empathy and open-mindedness.

- Being good with kids.

- A kind human who is consistent (and tells me when my hair extensions are showing!).

Expert Tip: “Never miss an opportunity to be optimistic! What are the traits that are important to you? Here is the perfect time to plug in the positive,” says Hurvitz.

“I Want Someone Who...”

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- Also knows that they want a long-term partner.

- Has worked on themselves and strives to continue that growth.

- Gives back to their community.

- Can hold themselves accountable for past mistakes — and won’t hog the covers.

Expert Tip: “Try to be both profound and witty,” suggests Hurvitz.

“I’m Looking For...”

- Someone who is ready to commit when the right person comes along.

- A person who shares some of my core values but also celebrates our differences.

- My person.

- A permanent wedding date.

Expert Tip: While you’re trying to show that you’re serious, you can still add some levity to your answers, says Hurvitz.

“Let’s Make Sure We’re On The Same Page About...”

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- The type of relationship we want.

- Most of our values and beliefs. I prefer to date someone who also values [insert your core values and/or social or political beliefs here].

- Our expectations, both of a potential partner and of dating in general.

- Being on the same page, lol.

Expert Tip: Hurvitz is particularly into the latter response because it can draw in potential matches who get your humor.

“The Hallmark Of A Good Relationship Is...”

- Trust and communication.

- Making a consistent effort to honor each other’s love language.

- The ability to resolve conflict peacefully.

- Each of us thinks we are the lucky ones; we appreciate one another and use our words.

Expert Tip: “Give it to them straight for this prompt,” says Hurvitz.

“The One Thing I’d Love To Know About You Is...”

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- What is your biggest passion?

- When is the last time you cried?

- What is your relationship with your family like?

- What was the one mistake you made that you wish you could change?

Expert Tip: “So many options here, so think of something you are really interested in knowing,” says Hurvitz. “The trick is to be interesting as well as interested.”


Amie Leadingham, master-certified dating coach

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