Chill Chat

Storm Reid Is A Morning Routine Girlie

The Euphoria actor shares her very relatable wellness practices.

In Chill Chat, Bustle sits down with stars to chat about all things wellness, from their favorite skin care products to their hacks for getting a good night’s sleep. Here, Storm Reid shares her go-to breakfast and the movie she watches to relax.

Storm Reid accomplished some pretty impressive things while most people were in high school. The 19-year-old has starred in a number of movies and TV series, including A Wrinkle in Time, Don’t Let Go, and the hit HBO show Euphoria as Zendaya’s concerned sister. And she’s just getting started.

Most recently, Reid starred in the mystery thriller Missing alongside Nia Long, which was released on Jan. 20. The film follows Reid’s character June as she searches for her mom, who disappears while on vacation in Colombia with a new boyfriend. To find out what happened, June is forced to turn herself into a digital sleuth to piece together clues while stuck at home in Los Angeles and, well, you’ll just have to watch to see what happens. Wink.

When she’s not acting, Reid is pursuing a bachelor of arts in drama with a minor in African American studies at the University of Southern California. Depending on the day, you can find her bopping around campus or on a film set. NBD.

Despite being booked and busy, Reid also manages to find time to be a normal teenager — one who likes blasting music in her car and rewatching TV shows with friends. Here, the actor shares her skin care routine, go-to method for relieving stress, and her overall approach to wellness.

What’s a typical morning look like for you?

My body wakes up pretty early, especially when I'm at school. If I'm at school, I'm usually trying to fit in the gym before or after class. If I'm working, I try to stay as active as possible and then I go to set. But I try to get up as early as possible or as early as my body feels comfortable with.

Is there anything you like to have for breakfast?

I tend to not eat breakfast that much nowadays, but if I do, I love eggs. I’ll have eggs for protein and sometimes avocado toast. It really depends on how fancy I'm feeling.

Are you a coffee person?

Yes! I have some right here. [She reveals her iced coffee on Zoom.] I need coffee to survive these days. I love Frappuccinos, but I also love matcha. There's a really good cafe on my college campus that has amazing matcha.

What does your skin care routine look like?

I keep my skin care routine pretty simple. I've been loving the Tatcha Rice Wash cleanser. I have sensitive skin so I try not to do too much — just a cleanser, moisturizer, SPF, a little bit of toner, an eye cream, and that's it.

How do you cope with stress when you're on set? Do you have any relaxation hacks?

I have to listen to music. If I’m on set, I'll put on my headphones whenever I’m stressed to help me relax. If I’m at home, I’ll go out to my car and just sit there and blast music. I won’t drive, I’ll just sit and listen. I’ll also sometimes take a nap if I’m stressed.

How do you unwind after a long day?

Music is always a constant in my life, so I’ll play music and do a face mask. I’ll light a candle, too, whether that's in my room or on the couch in my mom's room — just somewhere where I feel comfortable.

What’s your approach to exercise?

I can’t fit in much these days, but that's a goal I have for 2023. Even though I don't really love setting goals, I want to try to get more consistent in the gym. I used to work out four times a week, trainer and all, but now that my schedule is so busy it's a bit harder.

What’s your favorite type of workout?

I do love a good leg day. Leg day is my favorite.

What are some movies or TV shows you’re into right now?

I don't have much time to watch television, but when I do, I've realized that I watch things that I've already seen before — it’s a comfort thing. Right now, I’m rewatching Orange is the New Black with one of my friends. We've seen it but it's our bonding moment and time to relax. Or I’ll watch Matilda because that's my all-time favorite movie.

What’s your overall approach to wellness?

It’s all about accepting how I feel. I try not to be too hard on myself and give myself grace. I do have a pretty hectic life and it sometimes feels like I'm being pulled in so many different directions. When I do get the time to relax and take a deep breath and process how I'm feeling, it’s always the most beneficial.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.