Your Love Life This Week, According To A Tarot Reader

The Knight of Wands brings a burst of passion and adventurous energy.

Instead of begging your friends to decipher the ups and downs of your love life, sometimes all you need to do is flip a few tarot cards. To find out what’s in store for the week ahead, Letao Wang, an astrologer and spiritual counselor, did the work for you. He pulled three cards to answer a few love-related questions — and he also offered some helpful advice.

Card 1: What do I need to know about dating or my relationship this week?

In tarot, the cups suit is associated with the astrological water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, who are known to be extra intuitive. The cups also represent emotions, love, and relationships, while the Queen card — with its maternal figure — brings to mind empathy, nurturing, and the divine feminine energy.

“Drawing the Queen of Cups in your love reading signifies a week where emotional intelligence and compassion will play crucial roles,” says Wang. In the days ahead, he recommends being fully present in your relationship or dating interactions.

There’s a good chance your partner or date will need the TLC, so look for ways to be extra open, loving, and communicative. It could be enough to slow down, listen, and have more one-on-one chats, but it might also be fun to treat your partner to something special, like a night out.

“By embodying the Queen of Cups, you’ll be able to offer support and understanding, fostering a deep sense of connection.”

Cards 2: How can I attract more love this week?

It’s so common to get ghosted these days, sometimes even after you’ve already planned a date. If you find yourself waiting for an hour in an Olive Garden parking lot, or you suddenly realize your would-be partner isn’t going to text back, simply shrug it off and move on.

The Five of Cups highlights a sense of loss and disappoint, as evidenced by the sad character in a dark cloak. They’re surrounded by cups, which stand for your emotions, and in this case the water has spilled and poured out.

To attract more love into your life this week, Wang recommends shifting your focus away from these letdowns. “Instead of dwelling on setbacks, look for the positive aspects in your life and show gratitude for them.” Give your energy to what is working, and forget about the people who are wasting your time.

It might also be helpful to think about old emotional wounds or baggage that might be hindering your ability to open up to new love. To connect with the right partners, “try embracing a mindset of positivity and hope,” says Wang. “That way you’ll create an aura that invites love into your life.”

Card 3: How does my date or significant other feel about me this week?

“The Knight of Wands brings a burst of passion and adventurous energy to your love life this week,” says Wang.

This suit is associated with fire, unpredictability, and passion, so be prepared for your partner to suggest exciting plans out of the blue, like a last-minute road trip. They might also be more talkative than usual, so brace yourself for a wall of texts — and remember to text back.

If you’ve had your eye on someone, there’s a good chance they’ll surprise you by asking you out for a drink. If you’ve been talking to your date more seriously, this card hints that there might be a grand gesture in your future, like a public “proposal” where they ask to make things official.

“This week, your date or significant other views you with enthusiasm and excitement,” says Wang. “They are likely to be deeply inspired by your zest for life and the dynamic presence you bring to the relationship.” The best thing you can do is lean into it, bask in the attention, and have fun.


Letao Wang, astrologer, tarot reader, spiritual counselor