These 3 Zodiac Signs Would Thrive At A Speed Dating Event

Sick of the apps? Try this instead.

These three zodiac signs should try speed dating.
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If you’re tired of mindlessly swiping through dating apps, then you might love the idea of getting out into the world and actually meeting people IRL. Sure, you could stand in a bar or go dancing with friends, but what if you went to an organized event meant specifically for singles like speed dating?

Speed dating was one of the best ways to find love back in the day, and it’s officially having a moment again, especially as people have less luck online. On TikTok, “speed dating” has over 81 million posts and many cities host monthly meet-ups at bars and hotels. It might seem a little daunting to cycle through a dozen mini-dates in an evening, but certain zodiac signs should 100% give it a try.

There’s a good chance you’d thrive at this type of event if you’re an air sign or a water sign, says Danny Santos, an astrologer and spiritual healer behind Santos & The Crystal Visions. “Air signs would most likely be interested in speed dating due to their curious and novelty-loving behavior,” he tells Bustle. It is, after all, the perfect excuse to make lingering eye contact, crack jokes, and get your flirt on face-to-face.

Certain water signs are also open-minded enough to shuffle through a dozen dates, says Santos, especially since so many would be into the idea of meeting a partner in a unique way. Instead of saying they matched on Tinder, they’d go just for the chance to say they met and fell in love at a mixer.

Below, the top three zodiac signs who should try speed dating, according to an astrologer.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

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According to Santos, the very concept of speed dating could have been written by a Gemini. This air sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so they’d really enjoy the revolving line-up of people to talk to. These events also play right into a Gemini’s love of novelty and fun.

“Not only is Gemini the sign most likely to try speed dating, but they’re also most likely to know that the event is happening at all,” he says. “As Gemini is always on the search for new and exciting activities, speed dating is a no-brainer.”

This chatty sign thrives at quirky meet-up events where they can show off their personality, and as big-time romantics, they’re also willing to try anything to find their person. In other words, they’re more than happy to spend a Wednesday evening at a Hyatt hotel in search of love.

Another perk is that each date is only a few minutes long. While that’s an actual nightmare for other signs — like Taurus, who would prefer to luxuriate in a longer convo — the speed of these dates is right up quick-witted Gemini’s alley. According to Santos, this sign would live for the conversations and the chaos, as well as the fact they’d never feel bored.

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

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Libra is another sign that would truly live their best life at a speed dating event. This air sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, so they have what it takes to stay friendly, outgoing, and focused as they shuffle through back-to-back three-minute dates.

According to Santos, a Libra would have intriguing questions to ask anyone who happens to plop down in front of them. “Because Libras are naturally talented at meeting people where they are, it’s likely they’d be able to find ways to relate to everyone they meet,” he says.

Another big draw for Libra? These events tend to have a fancier dress code. They often take place in a hotel or swanky bar, which means everyone shows up looking chic. This sign would enjoy eyeballing everyone’s ‘fits while also rocking one of their own.

As the cherry on top, there’s a good chance a Libra would actually have success with speed dating, says Santos. Thanks to their sparkling Venusian personality, which radiates the most romantic vibes, they’d leave with a ton of numbers from admirers who need a second date.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)

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Speed dating isn’t the most common way to meet someone, but that’s exactly why a Pisces would be into it. As a water sign, they’re open-minded, novelty-seeking, and constantly daydreaming about their next love match, says Santos, so they’d be positively enchanted by the idea of walking into a room where they could potentially meet “The One.”

“As the natural romantics of the zodiac, Pisces have an idealistic and approachable nature, and like Gemini, love meeting new people from all walks of life,” he says. They’d have the most positive outlook as they shuffled chairs or moved from table to table, and they’d give everyone a chance.

If, by the end of the evening, they suddenly realize they aren’t going to fall in love, they’d still view the event as a success. According to Santos, a Pisces would be open to making new friends and other connections, so they wouldn’t leave feeling like the evening was a total waste of time.

Instead, they’d exit the bar with five new friends and plans to meet up for brunch.


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