Without This Woman

Without This Woman

The Woman Tessa Thompson Calls Her “North Star”

The Creed actor reflects on her relationship with a fellow Hollywood creator.

By Tessa Thompson
Without This Woman

The Woman Nikole Hannah-Jones Credits With Her Career Success

“[She] knows the types of attacks I faced for this work better than almost anyone else,” says the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.

By Nikole Hannah-Jones
Without This Woman

MOBO Awards Founder Kanya King On The Woman Whose Grit & Determination Spur Her On

“She taught me to think beyond yourself.”

By Kanya King
Without This Woman

Constance Wu On Self-Doubt, Family Drama, & Her Sister's Unwavering Support

“Helen is a touchstone who brings me back when I’ve lost my way.”

By Constance Wu
Without This Woman

Jamie Klingler On How A Woman 10 Years Her Senior Fuels & Soothes Her

“There’s a comfort and tenderness there that you don’t always find with friends who are of a similar age to you.”

By Jamie Klingler
Without This Woman

Alejandra Campoverdi On How How Her Grandmother Paved The Way For Her Advocacy

The Obama Administration alum reflects on her and her grandmother’s breast cancer journeys.

By Alejandra Campoverdi
Without This Woman

Ayesha Curry On How Her Mother Inspired Her Bold Sense Of Style

“The idea of taking pride in your appearance was instilled in me at a young age.”

By Mekita Rivas
Without This Woman

Singer Amara La Negra On How Celia Cruz Continues To Inspire Her

“By watching her, I learned a lot about what it means to be Black and Latina.”

By Bustle Editors
Without This Woman

Amelia Hamlin Didn’t Always Love Having The “Weird Mom”

“She was the weird mom that would walk around in her underwear when my friends were over,” Hamlin says of her mom, 'The Real Housewives' star Lisa Rinna.

By Amelia Hamlin
Without This Woman

Singer Dionne Bromfield On How Amy Winehouse Continues To Inspire Her

“She was the kind of person that would do anything for you if she believed in you.”

By Dionne Bromfield
Without This Woman

Soma Sara On The Woman Who Inspired Her Activism

“I’ve always been incredibly inspired by my grandmother for taking up a position of power.”

By Soma Sara
Without This Woman

Singer Ray BLK On The Woman Who Taught Her To Power Up

“It's because of my mum that in a racist, colourist, and sexist world, I've never felt those things about myself. I'm discovering more and more how powerful that is.”

By Ray BLK
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Model Neelam Gill On The Woman Who Taught Her To Speak Her Mind

"That's the way she raised us — to be there for other people, to stand up for what's right, to not forget others."

By Bustle Studios
Without This Woman

Jessica Ennis-Hill On The Woman Who Kickstarted Her Athletics Career

"We laugh about how I got into athletics. My mum says it was basically cheap childcare."

By Bustle UK
Without This Woman

Queen Latifah On The Woman Who Taught Her To Be Independent

“I don't know what she was made of, but I hope I inherited some of it.”

By Bustle Editors
Without This Woman

Storm Reid On How Her Mother Taught Her To Have Faith

“As an actress in the limelight, that’s what keeps me grounded and sane.”

By Storm Reid