Without This Woman


Without This Woman, I Wouldn’t Be Where I Am In Hollywood

Years before Pose’s Golden Globe-winning run, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez nearly skipped a callback that would change her life.

By Michaela Jaé Rodriguez
TV & Movies

Without These Women, I Wouldn’t Have Permission To Use My Imagination

The Origin star pays homage to the people who led her to Ava DuVernay’s film.

By Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor

Without This Woman, I Would Be Less Brave

When Cleo Wade was struggling through her latest book, she called up this longtime friend.

By Cleo Wade
Billie Jean King talks to Bustle about Black female tennis player Althea Gibson.
Rule Breakers

Without This Woman, I Wouldn’t Have Known What No. 1 Looks Like

When a preteen Billie Jean King watched Althea Gibson play at the Los Angeles Tennis Club, her dreams solidified.

By Billie Jean King
Without This Woman

Without Elizabeth Warren, I Would’ve Given Up On My Dreams

When Katie Porter was a third-year law student, she took a bankruptcy class that changed her life trajectory.

By Katie Porter
Without This Woman

The Woman Tessa Thompson Calls Her “North Star”

The Creed actor reflects on her relationship with a fellow Hollywood creator.

By Tessa Thompson
Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, of The 1619 Project, included her mother in the Hulu series.
Without This Woman

The Woman Nikole Hannah-Jones Credits With Her Career Success

“[She] knows the types of attacks I faced for this work better than almost anyone else,” says the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.

By Nikole Hannah-Jones
Rule Breakers

MOBO Awards Founder Kanya King On The Woman Whose Grit & Determination Spur Her On

“She taught me to think beyond yourself.”

By Kanya King
Without This Woman

Constance Wu On Self-Doubt, Family Drama, & Her Sister's Unwavering Support

“Helen is a touchstone who brings me back when I’ve lost my way.”

By Constance Wu
Without This Woman

Jamie Klingler On How A Woman 10 Years Her Senior Fuels & Soothes Her

“There’s a comfort and tenderness there that you don’t always find with friends who are of a similar age to you.”

By Jamie Klingler