13 Last-Minute Gifts You Can Still Get Your Valentine

Lots of love, little time.

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That company you bought something from three years ago just sent you an email about their upcoming V-Day specials, and suddenly, you remember: You forgot that today is Valentine's Day. You run to grab some candy from CVS, but the holiday section is emptier than that toilet paper aisle last spring. When your date texts you to confirm your plans for the night, you take a deep breath and try to brainstorm some last-minute Valentine's gift ideas.

Although Valentine's Day is meant to bring you and your date closer together, the pressure to plan the most #Instagrammable date and buy the perfect gift can actually pull people apart — especially during a global pandemic.

These days, there's enough to be stressed out about. You don't need to lose sleep trying to make your love life look like a Kate Hudson movie. From a home-cooked meal to a thoughtful love letter, there are plenty of quick, quality gifts that won't break the bank or raise your blood pressure.


Home Movie Theater

Take Netflix and chill to the next level. Set up a "movie theater" in your living room with chairs and lights. Grab the popcorn, candy, sodas, and all your boo's favorite movie snacks. Cue up previews and trivia to watch before the movie starts. Extra points if you give them a literal paper ticket.


Photo Album

Pro-tip: You can print photos out of your phone at most drug stores. Print a couple of your favorite photos together and create an album. If you have a favorite picture, print it out, and put it in a cute frame.


Fancy Home Cooked Meal

You know that fancy grocery store with the $12 cheese? Stop in there. (Or an Aldi. Whatever works for you!) Pick up some nice ingredients and make your date a special home-cooked meal. Write out a menu and set the table for some extra ambiance.



Think about songs your partner loves or tunes that make you think of them and make a mushy mixtape. Or, you know, a Spotify playlist.


Love Letter

Writing letters to your partner helps you verbalize your feelings and promote emotional intimacy. Not only that, but it can also give them something tangible to hold on to and to look at when you're apart. If you're not a prominent writer, don't overthink it! Try writing a few reasons why you love them or how happy they make you.


Subscription Box

Give the gift that keeps on giving! Does your boo like tea? Coffee? Face products? Whatever they fancy, there's a subscription box for it. Here are some Black-owned subscription boxes to get you started. Because it comes in the mail, you don't need it the day of.


At-Home Wine Tasting

Pick up a couple of wine bottles (whatever fits your budget) and set up an at-home wine tasting. Play soothing music, put a picture of Napa valley on your TV, and make some fun snacks. For a personalized touch, create your own wine labels and print them.


A Book Or Notebook

Go to your favorite brick and mortar bookstore (like one of these Black-owned bookstores) and find a book your boo would love. If they're more into writing or drawing, giving them a notebook can be a super sweet gesture, too. Write a little love note in it for them to discover.


Bodega Bouquet

Hit up the local corner store and stock up on all your boo's favorite treats: Chips, candy, cookies, snacks for your snack. If you're feeling wild, put sticky notes with little messages on every packet.


A Custom Cocktail

Missing your favorite local haunt? Take your date on a "bar night" at home and make them a custom drink with their favorite liquor (or juice)! Create a custom cocktail that captures their essence, name the drink after an inside joke or memory, and then make a little card with the ingredients.


Plan A Day Trip

After countless days inside, plan a fun adventure day: Take a drive, go to a museum, visit a nature preserve or arboretum, and make a travel brochure for your date.


Finally Doing That Chore They've Been Putting Off

Hanging a framed poster? Rescuing the toilet paper dispenser? Getting an oil change? Everyone has a chore or house task they've been putting off. Help them check it off their to-do list.


A Cup Of Coffee

Get your partner a gift card to their favorite local coffee place. For coffee at home, buy them a mug from their favorite cafe or a bag of fancy beans they wouldn't normally buy for themself.

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