The 10 Most Underrated Sex Positions

From the bridge to the splitter.

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When you think about sex positions, chances are only a few come to mind. And they're usually the same ones: doggy, girl on top, missionary. Maybe spooning, if you're fancy. But that's it, because people get into ruts. And it's not that predictable sex is bad — you can have great sex with people even if you always know exactly what's coming next. It's just that it can get boring. And if you're going to be with someone for the long haul, your three go-to positions just aren't going to be enough.

But you return to the same few positions because they feel good — and also because they feel safe. Some positions seem too complicated, too dangerous, or you can't even see why they would feel nice at all (I'm looking at you, scissoring). And while some of them are kind of pointless (scissoring) almost all positions have something great to offer if you give them a try. They may be underrated because they aren't as well known or because they're more of a sitting still position, with not as much thrusting. Trust me, it can be great without the thrusting.

With that said, here are 10 underrated sex positions to try ASAP — you’ll find that there are some hidden gems out there once you start venturing out. Remember, these positions work with two women as well. Have fun!

1. Standing Sex

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How To Do It: Carefully. Brace against the wall, separate your legs and lift your leg if need be while they come up behind you and enter you from behind.

Why It's Underrated: Because standing sex is so hard, I can see why you would be scared to try it. But using the wall to support yourself is a total game-changer and when you get it right, it's really sexy.

2. Sofa Brace

How To Do It: It's great, like doggy but with you leaning against the edge of a couch or table. Make sure to use something you can really rest all your weight on it.

Why It's Underrated: Because you get all the great stuff about doggy but the support really allows you to relax and enjoy it. Even though you're "bracing" there's actually a lot of release. Plus, there's really deep penetration.

3. Modified Doggy

How You Do It: Think of a collapsed doggy style position. You can start in doggy and move to your elbows and lay down or start laying down and have them carefully lower on top of you. Put a pillow under your hips if it makes it more comfortable.

Why It's Underrated: You normally only get into a low doggy by accident, but it's worth doing on purpose, too. Because it's raunchy and intimate, whereas most positions are one or the other. Don't be scared to add some clit play into the mix.

4. Reverse Cowgirl

How To Do It: While they lay down, straddle them facing their feet and carefully lower yourself. Use your hands to brace if you need.

Why It's Underrated: People shy away from it because it can be a difficult position to get the knack of — and you can't see each other's faces to gauge if you're both enjoying it. But it has a really sexy, just-going-for-it feel— trust that you know your partner enough to relax into it.

5. Lotus

How To Do It: Your partner sits cross-legged and you climb on top of them, guiding them inside you and using your legs and arms to pull yourselves close together if necessary.

Why It's Underrated: There's not a lot of movement, but that doesn't mean it's not exciting. You get really deep penetration and, if you're having a long session, it gives you both a break from all the humping and pumping.

6. Side-By-Side

How To Do It: Lie facing each other. Your pelvis should be just above theirs. I would recommend lube, then hook your top leg over them and shimmy toward each other until they're inside of you. Then, lots of grinding.

Why It's Underrated: It seems like it shouldn't work or fit, so you may have not even thought about trying it — but it's great. Intimate, relaxed, and your hand is free to play with your clit. Definitely worth it.

7. Sitting On A Chair

How To Do It: While they sit in a chair, lower yourself onto them facing away. If your feet touch the floor, you can use them to help bounce you up and down.

Why It's Underrated: Because we don't use props enough, even though they're a great way to mix up your sex life without doing anything too crazy. Plus, it lets you have sex in the living room, which is always great. Netflix and chill, baby.

8. Legs Up Missionary

How To Do It: Get into missionary position, with the partner on top crouching on their knees. Put both your legs up and sit your ankles up on their shoulders.

Why It’s Underrated: While missionary is often written off as too easy or “boring”, this improved angle gives way to incredibly deep penetration, and more leverage for the partner on top to control their thrusting to the receiver’s liking. It also leaves even more room for clitoral stimulation.

9. Forking

How To Do It: This position is done in a spooning position; have the penetrating partner lay on their side behind the receiving partner, with both partners facing the same direction. The penetrating partner enters the partner in front of them from behind.

Why It’s Underrated: Beyond the usefulness of this position when you’re feeling tired, lazy, or simply horny at two in the morning, the forking position allows for incredible closeness during sex. Partners can sync up their breathing or play with neck kissing and fondling of other body parts, which can really build intimacy.

10. Mutual Masturbation

How To Do It: This position can be done any number of ways, as long as it involves the one key element: masturbating together. Get in whatever position makes each of you most comfortable, and then get to self-pleasuring.

Why It’s Underrated: Masturbating is something most people tend to do alone, so including your partner in the process is kind of like revealing a secret, or almost like trying voyeurism for the first time. Plus, you can use this time to practice amping up your dirty talking skills, and maybe even get involved with each other if the inspiration sparks you.

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