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What To Get Someone For Valentine's Day If You Just Started Dating

Aim for a simple, cute, and affordable.

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What do you get someone you just started dating for Valentine's Day?

Trying to find the right Valentine's Day gift is always tricky, but it's even harder if you're shopping for someone you just started dating. You don't want to be over-the-top, but you also don't want to seem thoughtless — especially if they end up getting you something nice. The solution? A gift that shows a little effort, but is still chill enough that it won't make anyone uncomfortable.

"If you’ve been dating for a short time, like three months or less, then spending too much can be a bit creepy," Cathryn Mora, a relationship coach, tells Bustle. That's why you'll want to walk past anything shiny or expensive — like jewelry or technology — and instead aim for a simple, cute, and affordable.

Spending time together is also a low-pressure, yet totally fulfilling, way to spend Valentine’s Day. Mora suggests staying in and cooking a nice meal together, or spending the evening playing a "getting to know you" game or listening to music. (Hint: A personalized Spotify playlist could be perfect.)

If you just started dating before Valentine's Day, but would still like to celebrate, never fear. There are plenty of easy, reasonable gifts to be given, including all the ideas listed below.

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A Collection Of Ethically-Produced Wine

If your new partner loves wine, skip an overpriced bottle and impress them with this adorable curated collection of single-serve wines sourced from boutique estates in Bordeaux, Languedoc, and the South of France. This limited-edition pack has whatever they’re in the mood for — red, white, and rosé blends.


A Milk Frother

If your new partner can’t function without their morning latte, get them this 5-star, USB-rechargeable whisk for quick and easy foam wherever they are. As one reviewer puts it, it’s “the champion of frothers.”


Tickets (For A Future Event)

When you're still in the early stages of dating, event tickets are basically akin to saying, "I like you and want to continue hanging out."

Give your partner this gift card, then talk about which band, comedian, or show you'd like to see, once that's possible.


Cozy Beanie

A warm beanie in an interesting color makes for a stylish gift, as well as one that's practical, especially if you've been going on lots of socially-distanced walks in the cold weather.

For other beanie styles that won’t break the bank, check out this cashmere beanie from Uniqlo or this rib-knit wide cuff hat from Old Navy.


Homemade Dinner

As Mora says, staying home and cooking is pretty much a fail-safe for brand new couples. So if you're feeling shy, keep things easy by ordering an at-home meal kit — like Blue Apron, HelloFresh, or Home Chef — making a nice dinner.

If that still feels like too much, take your date out for a slice at your favorite pizza place, then surprise them with a bunch of flowers.


AirPods Case

If your new partner is always losing their AirPods, this is a thoughtful but practical gift — as well as one that isn’t too pricey It'll also be extra impressive if you match it to their interests.

If video games aren’t their thing, check out this Disney-themed case from Casetify or this floral one from Urban Outfitters.


Low-Key Picnic

For another foodie option, pack a picnic. You can be fancy and bring a backpack to a romantic overlook, or simply stop by a deli and grab a few sandwiches before heading to the park. It all depends on the mood.

Find other picnic basket backpacks at Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond.


A Luxury Candle Inspired By The Harlem Renaissance

Candles are the ultimate "I don't know you very well" gift, and yet they're still special — especially if it has a backstory like this one, which is a nod to the speakeasies of Harlem in the 1920s.

This luxury candle has top notes of cardamom, smoked incense, and pimento berry, middle notes of saffron, licorice, plum blossom, and tobacco, and a base of palo santo, patchouli, vanilla, dark chocolate.


French Fry Baseball Cap

Like candles, hats are the perfect gift for someone you care about but don't know on a deep and intimate level — yet.

This particular hat from McDonald's says "I love getting fries with you" and "you're adorably quirky," but in a non-committal way.


Delicious Treats

If you aren't sure what your date likes, and are afraid to "get the wrong gift," know that you can't go wrong with a sweet snack, like these cookies and pretzels from Cheryl's Cookies.

Find more Valentine’s Day sweets from Harry & David and Dylan’s Candy Bar.


Nifty Popcorn Maker

This popcorn popper makes for a cool, unique gift, especially if your partner is a big movie buff. And at only $13, you won't feel like you're going overboard.


Pretty Nail Polish

How's this for a chill Valentine's Day date idea? Give the person you're dating a new nail polish (you can also get these in a set of three, for $10) and then paint each other's nails. The only pressure you'll feel is which color to choose.

Find more color options at Essie and Sephora.


A Vibrator For The Bedroom

Tread carefully with this one, as it could be seen as presumptuous. But if you've been having a ton of fun hooking up, you might want to go ahead and give the person you’re seeing a toy for the bedroom.

The Bender is a pretty cool option. It's a multi-speed, flexible internal vibrator that's ideal for G-spot stimulation. Heck, you could open the box right away, and use it on Valentine's Day.

Find more vibrators and couples toys here.


Collector's Notebook

If you two bonded over your love for all things Harry Potter, then you truly can't go wrong with this limited edition Moleskin notebook. It’s the first of seven, and each one features a different chapter of the story.


Coffee Card & A Date

For the ultimate in low-key gifts, go with a gift card to a nearby coffee shop. Make sure you get the one with Valentine's Day hearts on it, to stay on theme. And give it along with the suggestion that you go grab a cup together.

If they make their coffee at home, consider gift cards to Nespresso, Blk & Bold, or La Colombe.


Sparkling Wine

Nothing says new love quite like getting a bit tipsy together, which is why you can't go wrong with this fruity sparkling wine from the McBride Sisters. Pour a glass (or three) and spend Valentine's Day giggling on the couch.


Hot Sauce Mug

If your new partner refuses to eat food unless it's literally burning their mouth, then you may have found the perfect gift in this Sriracha hot sauce mug.

If they’re not a coffee or tea drinker, consider this Sriracha cookbook or these socks.


Healing Hand Cream

With all the hand-washing you've been doing the last two years, your date will no doubt appreciate a thick hand cream. This one from Burt's Bees is paraben-free and cruelty-free and comes in a natural, nutty almond scent.


Massage Oil

Since this is Valentine's Day we're talking about, you might want to go for a hot gift and give your new partner a bottle of sensual massage oil. This one, in particular, smells like lavender — which could make for a particularly sensuous evening.


Heart-Shaped Plant

This adorable plant will be perfect for anyone whose apartment is already a veritable greenhouse.

Find similar heart-shaped options at Bloomscape and Home Depot.


Chocolate Controller

For another gamer gift, go for this vanilla-flavored chocolate in the shape of a controller. It says "Valentine's Day," because of the chocolate, and also screams "I get you."


Fancy Chocolate

If you want something a little (OK, a lot) fancier, give a six-piece chocolate box from Phillip Ashley Chocolates, which look like literal jewels. It'll feel special, thanks to the unique flavors and beautiful design. But because it's chocolate, it won't feel like "too much" on Valentine's Day, making it the perfect present for someone you're still getting to know.

Find similar options at Kollar Chocolates.


Cathryn Mora, relationship coach

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