8 Flirty Games To Play Over Text With Your Crush

Spice up the convo.

Some fun ideas of flirty games to play over text with your crush or S.O.

When you’re dating someone new or trying to connect more with your current partner, texting throughout the day is a good (and incredibly easy) way to build regular communication. Whether you have a break at work or are on your morning coffee run, sending a quick message their way can keep you at the top of their mind. There are times, however, when the correspondence can get a bit dry, so switching things up with some flirty games to play over text can help resolve that.

Regardless of whether your crush is newly in your life or you’ve been dating your partner for years, any relationship can benefit from playing some games from time to time, according to licensed professional counselor and certified sexologist Carlos Cavazos. “Games help build bonding memories, take the pressure off having to come up with things to talk about, bring laughter into the room, and help you learn new things about each other both emotionally and sexually,” Cavazos previously told Bustle.

Playing flirty games while you’re texting doesn’t have to be super involved or time-consuming, but you can also take them as far and wild as you want. Matching your sense of humor and level of comfortability to your partner’s is always a good idea — if you’re looking for somewhere to start, here are eight examples of fun and flirty games to play over text.


Would You Rather

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Playing the classic “Would you rather” game can get as flirty or as funny as you wish. Try wild questions like “Would you rather have a huge hickey that lasts a year, or get a small tattoo of my name in a hidden place?” to stir things up.


Never Have I Ever

Turning a round of “never have I ever” into a flirty (or even seductive) moment is simple. Your answers can range anywhere from “Never have I ever had pineapple on pizza” to “Never have I ever made out with someone in the back of an Uber,” so the level of flirtiness is up to you.


20 Questions

Playing 20 questions can be a great way to get to know your crush better, or grow a stronger connection to your partner. You can ask each other questions like “What is your favorite thing about me?” or “What is something we haven’t tried in bed that you’d like to?”


This Or That


If you’re still getting to know your crush or the person you’re dating, a game of “this or that” can be a fun way to break the ice. You can use this format to figure out their preferences on everything from date ideas to their love language.


Name That Tune

If you and your boo are comfortably goofy together, sending voice memos of you singing songs for the other to guess would be a great text game to play. You can get as easy or obscure as you want, and there will be plenty of laughter — regardless of your vocal prowess.


Truth Or Dare

Everyone has played a few good games of “truth or dare” in their time, so taking it up a flirty notch is an easy task. Try playing before or during a date, where you can send flirty “dare” texts to them from across the table.


Two Truths & A Lie

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“Two truths and a lie” is a great way to playfully test out who knows each other better, or even to make the first move with your crush. You can make up your “lies,” and your “truth” could be “I think [your crush’s name] and I should grab a drink soon.”


The Abbreviation Game

This text game can be as quick or as ridiculous as you’re in the mood for, and is a fun way to bring up any inside jokes you and your partner may have. Simply pick a phrase or sentence and only use the first letter of each in a string together. See if your crush can guess what you’ve typed — the flirtier the better.